Wildlife Wednesday’s


Nature Appreciation and Creativity in Your Little Ones


Hei, dear parents!

Welcome to Wildlife Wednesdays – an initiative from your friends at Scandinavian Crayon Company, designed to inspire your children’s love for the natural world and stimulate their creativity. We believe that the best way to nurture our children’s imagination and empathy for our planet is by combining fun, education, and art in one fun experience. 


Why Wildlife Wednesdays?

In our digital world, creating a strong bond between our children and the natural environment is more critical than ever. We’ve designed Wildlife Wednesdays to bridge that gap. Through this initiative, we encourage exploration and discovery of our diverse ecosystems, helping children appreciate nature’s beauty, understand its fragility, and instil in them a sense of responsibility towards our environment. 

Sustainable Choices 

An integral part of Wildlife Wednesdays is our commitment to sustainability. Our crayons, crafted from natural beeswax and sustainable ingredients, embody this commitment. We hope to demonstrate to our little ones how small, conscious choices can contribute significantly towards preserving our environment. 


Engaging Activities

Each Wildlife Wednesday, we’ll dive into the captivating world of wildlife – from the forests of Norway to the oceans that cover our planet. With fun facts, engaging stories, and vibrant imagery, we aim to pique curiosity and encourage exploration in young minds. What could be better than combining art’s joy with nature’s beauty? Together we can explore the incredible world of our planet’s diverse ecosystems. Whether it’s a bird spreading its colourful wings or a butterfly landing on a blooming flower, we’ll be there, sketching and exploring.

We believe art is an excellent medium for children to express their discoveries. Therefore, we encourage them to put crayon to paper and draw their interpretations of the natural world, helping them strengthen their connection with nature while honing their artistic skills. 

Send us your child’s creative masterpieces and we’ll proudly showcase them in our community! Tag them with #wildlifewednesdaySCC 

wildlife wednesday. Ar

With you, we hope we can build this into something more than a weekly event; it’s an opportunity for your children to bond with the environment, develop their creativity, and cultivate a sense of responsibility towards nature. 


We invite you and your little artists to join us on this exciting journey. Let’s explore the wonders of wildlife together, inspire creativity, and contribute to the development of an environmentally conscious generation.


Stay tuned for our Wildlife Wednesday activities and don’t forget to share your child’s drawings with us. Let’s build an eco-conscious and creative community, one crayon stroke at a time.

Exploring the Animal Kingdom through Books


To enhance the experience of Wildlife Wednesdays, we’re delighted to share a specially curated list of books that will expand your child’s knowledge and understanding of the animal world. Our friends at Svovel Fabrikken, who share our passion for nurturing children’s learning and creativity, have kindly suggested a variety of engaging books from their collection. These books not only captivate the minds of young readers with fascinating facts and stunning illustrations but also help create a deeper appreciation for nature and wildlife.

1. **Dyrenes Rekordbok**: This book features the coolest, most fascinating animal facts. Which animal lives the longest or sweats the most? Your child can explore exciting trivia in this captivating book.

2. **Ville Greier**: This comic book is perfect for slightly older children (8+ years). It gives insights into wild animals, seasons, birds, trees, and the challenges we face from a climate perspective.

3. **Dinosaurer og andre forhistoriske dyr**: An illustrated encyclopedia that provides insights into species development. Even though it’s packed with information, the stunning illustrations make it a visual treat for children.

4. **Animalium**: A timeless book with wonderful animal illustrations. A part of the “Welcome to the Museum” series, it’s a joy for all ages, whether you read it cover to cover or just enjoy the images.

5. **Illuminature**: This book offers a unique reading experience. With accompanying 3D glasses, different parts of the illustrations are highlighted depending on the lens colour used. The text is in English.

6. **Haiens Hemmeligheter**: Everything you need to know about sharks is packed into one high-quality book. This book presents knowledge with humour, colourful pages, and excellent illustrations.

7. **Dyrenes Oppfinnelser**: This book focuses on the innovations we have borrowed from the animal kingdom and applied in various aspects of modern society. The playful and imaginative illustrations beautifully highlight the valuable knowledge we’ve gained from the animal world.

We’d like to thank Ellen and Agnes from Svovel Fabrikken for these incredible book recommendations. Head over to their shop to pick these up and let your child dive deeper into the fascinating world of wildlife.

Remember, every piece of art tells a story, and every child holds the power to shape the future of our planet. We look forward to embarking on this adventure with you and can’t wait to see the beautiful drawings your little ones will create.


Have any questions or suggestions about Wildlife Wednesdays? Feel free to reach out. We are all ears! Let’s make a difference together, one Wildlife Wednesday at a time. 

With much love,

The SCC family