Beeswax Crayons.
Made in Norway.

Our crayons are crafted using the most sustainable methods and materials. By using a combination of beeswax, vegetable waxes and colour pigment we create natural crayons without layers of industrial process.

Natural waxes and pigment. That’s it!

Welcome to our world
of crayons.

Where big little imaginations can roam free.

Dråpe Crayon 8 Pack – Eco-friendly Beeswax Crayons

kr 299


Dråpe Crayon 15pk

kr 429


The magic in childhood.

Drawing is an enduring pastime that many enjoyed in childhood. In fact, it’s an art form that has been the beating heart of humanity for thousands of years.

For a child, it’s an opportunity for self expression, to process emotions and explore their thoughts. For a grown up, a drawing can be a door that leads to understanding. We gain so much from this pastime, that it comes as no surprise this art form remains with us.

Now it’s time for another generation to make its memories. Open a box of our crayons and let the gentle scent of beeswax be the start of a young one’s journey into new worlds.

New products

We are so excited to show you our two new products.

The Inspire Bag – A bag made of 100% European linen, for storing your Dråpe Crayons. Designed by Mini Moe X Scandinavian Crayon Company.

The Book – A tailor-made drawing pad made in collaboration with All Pine Press. Perfect for little artists.

The Inspire Bag

kr 259

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The Book

kr 149



Crayons, redesigned.

The ergonomic Dråpe crayon was designed with a purpose. Its intuitive shape opens up a world of creativity. A shape that playfully encourages young kids to test,  explore and discover their imagination.  The dual-functioning crayon can be used to colour

small and large areas. The flat side means it won’t roll off tables, reducing the chance of broken crayons. Dråpe is a manageable size for small hands, perfectly weighted and satisfying to hold.


Happy drawing!

Art from our beehive.

We love to see your drawings. Send your art to
to be featured on our website.

Fargestiftene falt i smak både hos toåringen og femåringen i hus og er perfekt for de aller minste. Fasongen på fargestiftene gjør at de ligger godt i hånden og det er lett for de små å ha gripetak. Fargene er sterke og avgir mye pigment på papiret uten å måtte bruke styrke. Når jeg vet at dette også er bærekraftige fargestifter, hadde de vært et enkelt valg å ta for barna mine fremfor andre lignende produkter på markedet.

Julie Sæther
Spesialpedagog i Giske kommune førskoleteam
og mamma til Sigurd, fem år og Anne, to år.

Vi elsker disse. Jeg kommer aldri til å gi barna mine vanlige fargestifter igjen nå som jeg vet hva de inneholder og når jeg vet at det finnes et alternativ som er så mye bedre, på alle måter. De har overraskende god kvalitet og de er veldig gode å tegne og fargelegge med. Den perfekte gave å gi til små barn.

Kine, Mamma til Afred 7 år 

Skulle ønske vi hadde sånne i barnehagen!

Ellie, 4 år 

The future

Sustainability is the backbone of our company. Our crayons are crafted with the future in mind and that requires constant improvement and evolution of our products. Towards this, we are looking into locally produced seaweed as material for the crayons and packaging.

We’re also researching the potential of pigments derived from food waste as a possible source of natural colourants.