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Shaping the Way Kids Create and Explore

Introduce your little ones to our unique drop-shaped crayons, thoughtfully designed for their small hands. We understand the importance of the right tools for creativity. Our crayons aren’t just easy to grip and fun to use – they’re the smart choice for encouraging your child’s love for art, nature, and learning.

Inspired by the simplicity and elegance of Nordic design, our beeswax crayons promote a harmonious connection with nature. Made in Norway, our eco-friendly crayons are crafted from natural, sustainable ingredients, ensuring a safe and ethical choice for both your children and our planet.

The Dråpe Difference

Crayons, redesigned.

The intuitive shape opens up a world of creativity. A shape that playfully encourages young kids to test,  explore and discover their imagination.

Ergonomic Brilliance: Dråpe crayons are meticulously crafted to fit small hands comfortably, reducing frustration and encouraging hours of joyful drawing.

Eco-Conscious: Our crayons are proudly made in Norway from natural, sustainable ingredients. We believe in leaving a lighter footprint on our Earth while brightening young lives.


Welcome to our world!

Where big little imaginations can roam free.

Ready to experience the magic of Dråpe crayons? Browse our online shop, learn about our mission, and become a part of our eco-conscious family.

Let’s create a brighter, more colourful world together, one crayon at a time.

Dråpe Beeswax Crayon 8 Pack

kr 299


Dråpe Beeswax Crayon 15pack

kr 429


The magic in childhood.

Drawing has been an integral part of human expression for thousands of years. For children, it’s an opportunity to express themselves, process emotions, and explore their thoughts. For adults, a drawing can open a window to understanding. Now it’s time for the next generation to create their memories. Let the gentle scent of beeswax guide your little one on their journey into the world of imagination.

New products

We are so excited to show you our new products.

Autumn Colours Set

Celebrate the shades of autumn with our Autumn Colours Crayon Set

The ergonomic crayons are perfect for drawing and colouring the beautiful autumn leaves and other objects they find on their walks and outings.

The Book

kr 175


Autumn Colours Set

kr 479



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Art from our beehive


Create, Share, and Connect: Join the SCC Community.

As you start on this artistic journey with your little ones, you’ll find comfort and inspiration within our nurturing SCC community. Share your children’s masterpieces with fellow like-minded parents, exchange ideas, and celebrate the magic of creativity, nature, and family.

Fargestiftene falt i smak både hos toåringen og femåringen i hus og er perfekt for de aller minste. Fasongen på fargestiftene gjør at de ligger godt i hånden og det er lett for de små å ha gripetak. Fargene er sterke og avgir mye pigment på papiret uten å måtte bruke styrke. Når jeg vet at dette også er bærekraftige fargestifter, hadde de vært et enkelt valg å ta for barna mine fremfor andre lignende produkter på markedet.

Julie Sæther
Spesialpedagog i Giske kommune førskoleteam
og mamma til Sigurd, fem år og Anne, to år.

Vi elsker disse. Jeg kommer aldri til å gi barna mine vanlige fargestifter igjen nå som jeg vet hva de inneholder og når jeg vet at det finnes et alternativ som er så mye bedre, på alle måter. De har overraskende god kvalitet og de er veldig gode å tegne og fargelegge med. Den perfekte gave å gi til små barn.

Kine, Mamma til Afred 7 år 

Skulle ønske vi hadde sånne i barnehagen!

Ellie, 4 år 

Nurturing Well-Being Through Art

At Scandinavian Crayon Company, we believe drawing is more than creating pictures; it’s a powerful tool for a child’s mental well-being. Research consistently shows art’s positive impact on mental health. Drawing redirects young minds, reduces stress, enhances cognitive development, and builds emotional resilience. Dråpe Crayons, meticulously designed for well-being, empower children to explore creativity, navigate emotions, and build inner strength—while having fun..

Sustainability – The Heart Of Our Mission

Sustainability lies at the core of Scandinavian Crayon Company’s values. We are dedicated to constantly improving and evolving our products to create a brighter future for our children and our planet. We are exploring innovative solutions such as locally-produced seaweed for crayon and packaging materials, as well as pigments derived from food waste as natural colorants.

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