Discover the Montessori Connection with Dråpe Crayons

Parents and educators who embrace the Montessori philosophy understand the importance of providing children with an environment that supports their natural curiosity and love for learning. As a Scandinavian brand dedicated to nurturing creativity and sustainability, we at Scandinavian Crayon Company have designed our Dråpe Crayons to align with Montessori principles, ensuring that our product enhances the learning experience for children in a meaningful way. 

Education is about more than just memorising facts and figures. It’s about nurturing a love of learning and helping children develop the skills they need to succeed in life. We believe that Dråpe crayons help children can explore their creativity and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.


What is the Montessori method?

The Montessori method is a child-centred approach to education developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori. It emphasises independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. In a Montessori classroom, children have the freedom to choose their own work and learn at their own pace.


How do Dråpe Crayons align with Montessori principles?

Dråpe Crayons are designed to support the Montessori philosophy in several ways. Firstly, they are made from natural and eco-friendly materials, which aligns with the Montessori value of respecting and protecting the environment. Their ergonomic shape and size make them easy for little hands to hold and manipulate independently, promoting a child’s sense of autonomy and self-confidence. The range of colours and shades available encourages children to explore and experiment with their creativity, fostering a sense of joy and wonder in the learning process.


The benefits of using Dråpe Crayons in a Montessori-inspired space

Using Dråpe Crayons in a Montessori-inspired space can bring many benefits to the learning experience. It allows children to express their creativity and develop their fine motor skills through drawing and colouring. It promotes independent learning and problem-solving as children experiment with the different colours and techniques available. As well as supporting a child’s emotional and social development as they explore their feelings and ideas through art.

The Montessori philosophy and eco-friendly products like Dråpe Crayons have the potential to shape a generation of children who are curious, creative, and environmentally conscious. 

By providing an environment that encourages independence and creativity, and using sustainable and ethical products, we can inspire children to become lifelong learners passionate about making a positive impact on the world. We are a family, proud to offer a product that supports this environment and a sustainable future for our planet. Let us continue to work towards creating a brighter future for generations to come.

With much love, 

The SCC family