Choosing sustainably where you can, will help. There is no planet B, but if we work together it will make a difference. 

We’re not just a business, we’re also parents who want to make sure that our children, and yours, inherit a healthy planet. We don’t hide behind greenwashing and layers of industrial process. We just make high quality crayons using ingredients that you can trust.

Box of crayons

Eco-conscious packaging

The box is made from recycled materials and can be recycled again or reused. It also doubles as a postal box. Inside is unbleached paper that can be put in the recycling bin (you can also try and use it as drawing paper, or for wrapping a present with it). The label is made from recycled paper. The box is plastic free.

Red yellow green blue and orange crayons


The crayons are made from natural, biodegradable waxes and eco-consciously manufactured pigment. Our crayons contain  no paraffin, soy or palm oil. All our crayons are made and will continue to be made, in Norway.