Parenting and the climate crisis.

Raising children has never been easy. Raising children alongside an environmental crisis is a whole new world. Our habits and lifestyles have an impact on the world around us and thats why we see many people taking a more mindful approach. We want to leave a healthy world behind for our children because it is children that will suffer the consequences of our actions, or lack of them. Unicef reports that ‘approximatley 1 billion children are at an extremely high risk of the impact of the climate crisis.’ *

Save the Children elaborates that; 

“Children born over the past year [1] will on average face seven times more scorching heatwaves during their lives than their grandparents under original Paris Agreement emission reduction pledges.” *2

The culprit behind the climate crisis is the production and consumption of fossil fuels. As individuals we might feel powerless to stop oil production but we can decide how much we consume. Remember, every little helps. Taking a bag with you to the supermarket, avoiding single use plastics, eating a little less meat and fish, buying less clothes, swapping out plastics for a green alternative, if we all do it together, it’s going to make a difference. 

Happiness is not measured by how much we have but by how kind we are, to ourselves, to each other and the world we live in. 

With much love,

Making a difference, one crayon at a time.