The Drawing Book

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All Pine Press X Scandinavian Crayon Company.

The Book is made in collaboration between All Pine Press and Scandinavian Crayon Company. This drawing pad is made from a  paper quality called Super Snow bright which is made at the last remaining paper factory of its kind in Norway at Hellefoss Paper AS.

The Book was developed over the course of several weeks. We settled on a size that would fit easily into small backpacks and be manageable for small hands. The binder allows for pages to be turned without them falling back and easily torn out. The paper weight invites all types of drawing. From doodles, sketches or scribbles made at home or out in nature, the paper should serve all purposes. Read more here.

The idea companion for our Dråpe crayons!

Size: 19 x12.5 cm
Spiral back
120 pages
Paper weight: 80gsm

Designed in Oslo, made in Norway.


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The Story of Our Book: A Tribute to Norwegian Heritage and Environmental Stewardship

Designed by All Pine Press in Oslo, Crafted for Tomorrow’s Creative Minds

At the heart of our drawing book lies a story of tradition, innovation, and care for our planet. Created in collaboration with the All Pine Press, this book is not just a canvas for creativity but a testament to the enduring legacy of Norwegian craftsmanship and our commitment to a sustainable future.


Designed by All Pine Press: Where Art Meets Heritage

Marianne Hollum Lydersen, the visionary graphic designer behind All Pine Press in Oslo, brings a blend of contemporary art and deep respect for tradition to this unique drawing book. Each page reflects her passion for quality, aesthetic appeal, and a profound connection to the natural world.

The Last of its Kind: Hellefoss Paper AS

Crafted using Super Snow Bright paper, our drawing book features pages from Hellefoss Paper AS – the last remaining paper factory of its kind in Norway. This historic mill, nestled in Hokksund, operates with a focus on environmental responsibility and has been a cornerstone in its community for generations. By choosing this paper, we not only support local industry but also ensure that every drawing made by your child is part of a larger narrative of environmental care and sustainability.

Why This Book Matters for Your Child

Our drawing book represents more than just a space for artistic expression. It’s a connection to the rich Norwegian heritage and a step towards a greener future. This book is designed to inspire young minds to value their environment, understand the importance of sustainable living, and take pride in their cultural legacy. It’s an invitation for children to sketch their dreams on paper that embodies the principles of eco-consciousness and respect for nature.

Perfect for Little Hands, Big Imaginations

Mindfully sized to fit comfortably in small backpacks and easy for tiny hands to handle, our book is designed with your child’s needs in mind. The binder allows for easy page turning and tearing, accommodating all types of artistic explorations – from doodles and sketches to outdoor nature scribbles.

The Ideal Companion for Dråpe Crayons

Paired perfectly with our Dråpe crayons, this drawing book completes the creative experience, offering a harmonious blend of ergonomic design and environmental awareness. Together, they form the ideal toolkit for nurturing your child’s artistic talent and environmental consciousness.

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Made in Norway

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