Dråpe Beeswax Crayon 15pack

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Planet friendly crayons. Made in Norway.

DRÅPE is a unique ergonomically shaped crayon designed to fit small hands. This pack is filled with 15 beeswax crayons in Montessori inspired shades. Our crayons are handcrafted using a gentle combination of sustainable beeswax, rapeseed and coconut waxes and implementing eco-friendly methods. This set is ideal for little inspiring artists who want to step up their creativity!

ERGONOMIC - Dråpe is a shape that playfully encourages young kids to test, explore and discover their imagination. It is a shape that facilitates drawing and gives room for creativity without need for direction. . Perfectly weighted and richly pigmented.

ECO-CONSCIOUS - Packed in recycled materials and plastic free.

This set comes in 15 rich colours.

The crayons contain zero palm oil/wax, soy wax or paraffin.

Non-toxic. CE. For ages 3+


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Elsker fargestiftene, og det gjør barna mine også! Utrolig gode å holde i. Et stort pluss at de er laget med snille ingredienser😊

 by Piril Maria on Scandinavian Crayon Company

The Dråpe crayons are so good to hold and draw with, my two little ones love them. We have made many drawings and still our crayons are as pigmented and good as new. My mama heart is happy to know they are locally made and good for our earth and us living on it.

Anbefaler disse til alle. Alle barnehager og skoler burde kjøpe disse inn som standard tegnesaker.

 by Victoria Hansen on Scandinavian Crayon Company

Jeg var veldig fornøyd med fargene! De ble kjøpt som gave til mine nieser, de elsker dem! Veldig behagelig å holde for små hender, lette å tegne med og fargene er fantastiske! At de er miljøvennlige er også helt topp. Tommel opp for The Scandinavian Crayon Company 👍🤩👏

I found this brand in the early stages and have bought the crayons as both gifts and for my child. They are fantastic. They are easy to use for small hands, fantastic pigments and last a very long time. Plus they are toxic-free, making it easy on the mind for any parents and children. I will keep buying these crayons forever, just looking forward for more colors.

These crayons are a joy to use. The texture and feel of them as well as the quality of the drawing is excellent. Looking forwards to seeing more products!

There is a lot of magic to be found in this world. We hope you find a little in this box and a whole lot more wherever you go.

Every child has a story to tell. In their hands, crayons aren’t just colours.

They’re voices. Drawing is their language. 

With Dråpe crayons, we ensure it’s a language spoken with joy

Designed with Scandinavian simplicity.

Crafted for their world.

Sustainable products

Encourages children to take care of nature

Handcrafted in Norway

5* customer service